personal injury lawyer

The term personal injury applies to injuries that occur when you meet with a car or vehicle accident, injuring yourself in someone’s property due to the negligence of the house owner or suffered injury due to an attack by a pet. There are some situations where the injuries are small, and you can settle claims through insuring yourself. But for more serious injuries it is better to seek the counsel of knowledgeable law firms like which can bring about a big difference in your claim processing.
Also, statistics reported by suggests that people who are represented by lawyers tend to get better settlements from insurance companies.

Hiring a lawyer
Usually, for small injuries, people file their case as they can save money to be paid as legal fees. But in case of major injuries, you may not be able to handle the situation yourself unless you are in the legal profession or have experience in this domain. The auto insurance companies will have a team of lawyers to defend their case, and you will have to put your case correctly. Without the services of a personal injury lawyer, your chances of getting a fair and just settlement are less as the lawyers hired by the insurance company will have more knowledge than you. It is best to hire a lawyer if you are severely injured, have medical expenses that are mounting and are unable to work and fail to pay your bills as you are on leave due to injuries.

There is a lot of documents involved while filing a personal injury case. These papers can be that of medical or insurance related. Between work, doctor’s appointment, pain, and other issues you may not have the time or only do not know how to get through the red tape. A qualified lawyer who is well aware of these documents and working through the bureaucracy will handle these things for you along with working to collect evidence and review it before it is produced to the court.

Insurance company disputes your claim
Many insurance companies dispute the responsibility of the policyholder for the accident. It only means that the insurance company is not ready to pay for the damages. Such situations are well handled by personal injury lawyers who will ensure you get the compensation you are entitled. If you are handling claims your chances are that the case can get complicated when insurance company disputes your claim and no attorney would want to take up your case. It is better to hand over your case to a personal injury lawyer if you have had a serious injury and increase your chances of a better settlement.

Contingency fee
If you are neck deep in your medical expenses and you do not have money to hire a personal injury lawyer owing to debts, most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means that you do not have to pay your lawyer any fees till a settlement is reached. Also in case, you do not win the lawsuit you will not have to pay your attorney any fee.

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