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California Bar State made modifications in their exam structure, and everyone including the graders was happy. Earlier, each student had to write three essays every day and could make up for a lousy article by doing well the next day. Now the analysis of pieces will be more robust by graders and students will have to be more specific and coherent. If you look at some of the essays under the Sell your California Bar Exams of popular sites, you will get an idea of what to write to score well. Find more info below about some common mistakes that a student should avoid while writing in the exams.

Create A Structure And Plan
After you read the question thoroughly and completely, you should organize the answer based on it. Structure your answer well so that it is easy to read and the grader should understand at a glance that you are writing all the salient points in a step by step approach. The grader will neither have the time or the patience to look deep into your essay to find relevant points. You cannot do what you did in law school, write what comes to your mind, the graders here will be critical. By organizing and structuring your essay, they can read quickly.

Planning an essay is equally essential, but you may not have done that in your law school exams. But Bar exams are different from law school exams, and your skills will be tested differently too. To write precisely and in a structured way, you should have a plan in place. That involves a lot of practice; you should also learn how to use the facts well in your essay. Before you start typing, think of all the points you are going to put in so that you avoid rambling.

Be Precise
Facts are essential for any exam, and the same is true for Bar exams too. It is crucial that you mention the facts and use it right in your essay. It is essential to use the points such that it is not thrown in randomly in between your answers. You should present them in the right way and use it where it should be written.

Clock It
Before you start furiously writing after you get hold of your questions, allocate time to appropriate items. Most of the time people end up not clearing the exam as they could not complete in time. You should not give undue importance to one question and also share time equally to all the queries. The key is to practice it before the exam and not during it. You should time your review and practice it at home and see if you can complete it within the stipulated time. Write back to back essays so that you know the time needed to finish it.

You should get the essays that you write during your prep reviewed by a tutor or a professor and ensure that you fix the issues they point. When you have your essays examined critically from someone who is experienced in grading is the best way to practice.